8 Instagrammable Places in Vienna

As a big fan of amazing photos and places to ensure a perfect shot, I’ve noticed a few spots in Vienna that can make your travel photos pop even more on Instagram. I recently did a backpacking trip to Europe, which you can even find out more about in my other posts, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to take pictures in the most different places I found.

Vienna has a lot of interesting places like that! To help you get the perfect close-up when you travel there, I made a selection of 8 amazing places, check it out!

1 – Kunst Haus Wien. Museum

Located a little further from the tourist center of Vienna, this museum with works by the artist Freidrich Hundertwasser and other contemporary art exhibits are housed in a very different building. Hundertwasser transformed the building’s architecture completely with irregular elements and various colors, using materials such as glass, metal, brick, wood, and ceramics. Super interesting and different!

If you go through the second entrance, which is on the back street, you’ll still find a cute spot for photos, check out the ones I took!

2 – Hundertwasser House

This is a housing estate built by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the same artist as the museum above. This Austrian artist brings many aspects similar to the Spaniard Gaudí. They are considered one of the most interesting buildings in the city, being one of the first to work on the idea of ​​innovation and design. Lots of colors and shapes and lots of plants and trees were incorporated into the design making it super attractive, different, and great for a photo!

3 – Palmenhaus 

Known as the biggest botanical greenhouse in Europe, this building is beautiful both inside and out, day or night! It is close to The Hofburg Palace and other cool tourist spots. Inside it, there are many species of plants and also this super cool restaurant!

If what you want are clearer photos, my tip is to take them there in the morning. If your idea is to have a game of beautiful lights, go at night.

To get even more complete, inside you have gastronomic options, making your experience even more unique.

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4 – The Vienna Naschmarkt 

Being very popular in Vienna, the Naschmarkt is the most famous open-air market in Vienna, with several options of super colorful shops and restaurants, with food from all over the world. Whether it’s for a walk, for a quick bite or to sit down and have a great meal, it’s super interesting. My tip is to go there in the morning like I did when it’s emptier. I found this corner to be the super photo. It was very cold and the chairs are covered with that little white fur and they had small blankets for you to warm up, a grace!

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5 – The Hofburg Palace Library

Considered one of the most beautiful libraries in the world and the largest in Austria, The Hofburg Palace Library holds a lot of history with the perfect touch of art. The library is located inside the palace that was the long residence of the Austrian-Hungarian dynasty. It’s a little dark in there, but the pictures look great if you have a good camera! My tip is that you go early because it usually gets very crowded and then it becomes more difficult to take your picture without some stranger showing up, haha.

Also, there is a beautiful door across the street, which can also give you a very different picture, like the one I took.

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6 – St Stephen’s cathedral

Cathedrals are always pretty, right? Vienna was no different! This cathedral is one of the oldest in the European Gothic style and is right in the center of Vienna. No matter what day it is, they are always radiant, whatever the angle, the photos look really cool and bring out the vibe of the country you are visiting. It is not for nothing that it is known worldwide as an architectural example of the 12th century.

7 – Cafe-Konditorei Aida

Based in Vienna, the cafe and confectionery franchise Aida is known for being the largest and most exclusive private pastry shop in Europe, with 130 confectioners and producing 3 tons of cakes and pastries daily. It is spread over 34 locations around the world, it stands out for having two floors with ALL pink decoration, being close to the Cathedral I mentioned above. In it, the waitresses are all dressed in pink and the experience is quite different. Even more for those who love this color, huh? haha. Oh, and it’s all delicious too, in addition to a good photo, you’re sure to be very satisfied!

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8 – Belvedere Palace Gate

In front of the main gate of the Belvedere palace, you can guarantee a beautiful photo! There the lions are showing the crests of Prince Eugene of Savoy, the first owner of the palace. Today, the Belvedere houses a large collection of paintings. The building is very beautiful too and a few blocks up you will find these super colorful buildings.

Oh, and don’t forget to share your photos with me when you’re in Vienna!

Xx, MM.