Boho Chic decor for your home

Our home has our own style, right?

Mine is super cozy with a boho chic vibe!

I love light colors, pastel tones, raw materials with gold accents, a clean look, lots of white, beige, gray, light green and natural tones.

I also love the gold accessories, and they go well with the rustic, natural style and materials like rattan, wood, jute, rope and a mix of textures.

Macrame pillows, ropes and woven fabrics also add some personality to the room and I have meny of them throughout my house!

I always go for a neutral color palette, sometimes monochromatic, as they make the environment brighter, giving a sense of peace and comfort to the room, and making the space look bigger.

Here are some beautiful pieces that I picked out for you, that are very much my style, so you can give the same look to your house!



This rug is one of my favorites to go with the boho vibe. Adding even more texture to the space in a chic way.

Natural fiber, handmade baskets are great to any boho style of decor. You can put magazines in them, blankets next to the couch or by the bed, use them in the bathroom to store extra towels, or anything really that you need to store. Lots of of ways to use it.

These golden horns add a lot of personality to the room and it looks beautiful with this style of decor.

The floor ball lamp is also another elegant option and the dimmed light makes the environment very cozy.

Wooden beads go well with plant pots, tied around candle holders, hanging from baskets or even on the wall, door handles, or on a tray on your coffee table or dresser, a rustic and chic detail!

A design classic, the egg chair is a statement piece and super chic, combined with comfort. How about reading your favorite book in it?

These rugs with boho print details can transform the look of a bathroom, or bring personality to a dull hallway.


This rattan wreath can go both on the door and on the walls of your living room. Another decorative piece bringing natural touches.

A handmade product brings a natural and delicate touch. These pillows in light tones with the crochet detail match the one above and make the room cozy and stylish.

A chic boho accent for the bathroom!  These jute baskets, in addition to looking great, allow you to store pharmacy items, TP, towels, your hair dryer and bathroom products, just to name a few! They would also look really good on top of a dresser in the bedroom or on a shelf.

Ceramic pieces in light tones contribute to the chic and tranquil vibe! Add some pampas grass to the vases to add another natural element to the room!

I find this lamp super different and it has the golden tone that I mentioned. It goes with the boho chic vibe, giving an elegant touch.

This set, looks super cool in your living room, on a bookshelf or side table, or even on the coffee table, giving personality and natural elements to the environment. Very boho chic.

This Moroccan pouf with sequin details is to die for! A differentiated piece, providing comfort and elegance to your living room. It would look great in the bedroom too!

This rattan corner table next to your sofa looks super charming.

A warm blanket for the cold, cozy days, is your companion when watching Netflix with popcorn and also decorates your sofa!

Another option here, lighter, but in the same style, is this beautiful blanket, with light tones. Looks great on the sofa or at the bottom of your bed.

These rattan mirrors are made of sustainable, resistant and light material, which bring a natural style, would be perfect in the entrance hall.

A beautiful bouquet like this one on your dining table, or on a shelf is another piece that goes with the style we are going for here.

The horizontal boho pillow cover with pompom details, is another one that goes with the ones above. Use it on the bed, sofas and armchairs.

I like to mix textures, so this pillow cover also matches the two above and they are a great in the living room or bedroom on the bed.

I’m in love with these pillows with rope details. They look amazing on your living room sofa. They are rustic and give that boho look!

I’m obsessed with the boho chic style. Hope this helped get that look to your home as well!