9 books that can help change your life

Reading is so great! I wanted to recommend you some books that I loved reading, and that have been a huge part of my life this year. So if you’ve been looking to make some positive changes I’m sure you’ll enjoy them too!
All these books bring lessons on how to easily change our habits and change our daily lives with small actions, such as maintaining positivity, warding off procrastination and negativity, manifesting our desires, and at the same time giving great insight and explaining why we act like we do for a better understanding on how to make changes.

I’m in a super zen phase, and these books have helped me so much finding peace within myself, seeing life with a different perspective, getting rid of anxiety, understanding myself and relationships better, and have given me great motivation and tips on how to implement changes that contribute to my growth.
I have been waking up super early, even before the alarm goes off, and I meditate, read, write in my gratitude journal. Starting the day with positivity and gratitude is so important for us to start the day in a good mood.
Happy reading!

Atomic Habits – The book shows us how to get better every day. James Clear is one of the world’s leading experts on habit formation. Clear gives practical strategies that will teach you exactly how to form better habits, break bad ones, and implement small behaviors that lead to incredible results.
I learned so many easy things I can do everyday that have helped me change my habits. It also really helped me understand why it’s so hard to change them sometimes. You spend the whole time you’re reading thinking “Wow! It’s so true!”


The power of consistency – Our truths, and out thoughts dictate our actions, so we have the tendency of acting on what we think and believe consistently. And those actions added up create what happens in our lives.
The power of doing things consistenly is really important for any goal we have. You won’t get toned if you workout for just one day, but if you workout a little bit every day, or every week, you will. The result at the end is immense. Also, changing how you think about things and what you believe about yourself, helps change your reality and this book has given me insight on ways I can do just that!


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people – Well the title says it all. The way Dr Stephen Covey explains and gives a step-by-step on how to live with justice, integrity, service and human dignity. These principles give us the security to adapt to change and the wisdom and power to take advantage of the opportunities appear on front of us.



Letting Go – Very dense but wonderful book that teaches you how to get rid of negativity in all aspects of life. When we take the energy of expectation, fear, and negativity off something, the energy flows and things happen. Bad energy blocks it, so let it go. I practiced a lot what he teaches in the book and it’s amazing how much things started to flow for me.



Welcome home – Najwa Zebian
Ah this book… Najwa Zebian has become one of my favorite authors. I made several friends read this one hahah. She teaches us how to love, forgive and accept ourselves just the way we are. She explains so clearly the suffering we go through when we make our “home” in someone else instead of ourselves, and then they leave. She also explains what we do that shows we don’t have self love and why, how that affects how people treat us, and how a person who loves herself acts. I had so many “wow” moments reading this book and everything became so clear to me that change in that area came easy! Zebian also teaches exercises and reflection methods to help you make your own home within yourself.


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – In this generation-defining self-help guide, Mark Mandon cuts through the crap to show us how to become better, happier people.
In fact, this book also shows what it’s important to care about, and how much we care about things that aren’t worth stressing over when we have no control of them. Focus on what you have control of. Focus on what you CAN change, and don’t let the rest affect you.



The Four Agreements – This book is super easy to read and to understand. I read it all in two hours. Don Miguel shows you 4 agreements to make with yourself, which are the basis for a better life in all aspects, making you look at life differently.




The Untethered Soul – This book focuses on inner peace and serenity, offering simple yet profound answers to how to achieve that. We worry a lot about yesterday and tomorrow and don’t live in the now. The Untethered Soul clearly shows you examples of that and how much it affects our emotions, mood and life in general.




Ask and it is Given – Manifesting! Why do we not get what we want?! With sensitivity and clarity, this book goes over what we must do to attract what we want – improve health, balance finances, reset our priorities, increase self-esteem or improve relationships.




All these books embody the same subject differently: how to live a positive life with good habits, to love yourself, how to be motivated, to manifest your desires and, most importantly, to understand why we think and act the way we do. When we become aware of our attitudes and why they happen, that’s when we can achieve the transformation we’ve always dreamed of.

Good luck on your journey. These books changed my life. I hope they help you too!
And if you’ve read any of these, share with me what you think!